About IIST Summer Internship Programme

Every summer, a large number of talented interns come to IIST to work with faculty on interesting short term projects. Students at various stages in BTech, BS-MS, MSc, and other programmes from reputed institutions like IITs and IISERs come to IIST for summer internships.

The summer internships of 2018 does not have fellowships. However, boarding and lodging will be provided at nominal rates of Rs 125 and Rs 25 respectively, per day. Interns also have to pay a nominal amount of Rs 100 towards certain administrative charges, at the time they join for internship. Each intern will have a temporary identity card which would enable them to access various facilities in IIST. Interns will be provided certificates for completed internships.

This year, summer period in IIST is from 21 May to 15 July .

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